Achieving Reading Together Through The Arts (A.R.T)

The Academy for Achieving Reading Together Through the Arts (A.R.T.) is a partnership of teachers and students, which promotes the theme of language and literacy through the arts and sciences. Through an integrated curriculum rooted in literature, students develop the ability to become creative learners and critical thinkers. By connecting literature with the arts, math and science, children learn the skills of reading and writing, and use them to develop the life-long process of communication. Building an appreciation for all cultures and a strong compliment to family and community involvement, with parent participation, are our supporting themes.


The Science and Literacy Academy is a science-inquiry school where students can initiate short meaningful projects or long-term inquiry of the world around them. Our science and curriculum is integrated with our Literacy Program in which students develop literacy through a whole language approach, developing at their own pace. Through independent, shared and guided reading, students develop literacy strategies that assure early independence in reading and writing. The link with hands-on science inquiry, cooperative learning groups and technology makes this an exciting learning environment for all our children.